Colleague Referral

Dear Colleagues,

as in the past, you may contact us during our telephone hours and register your patients directly, so that we can discuss in advance preliminary explorations and the required schedule. We are always pleased to have a lively exchange facilitating an efficient treatment of our common patients.

In special cases – e.g. suspected TIA or MS episodes or other neurological emergencies – we provide an examination appointment immediately. And there is always the possibility to discuss further actions by telephone, e.g. the need of a direct admission to hospital.

We also like to continue to send you our registration forms that you can register your patients by mail or fax. In this case we would really appreciate you to provide us with any information relevant for the patient´s care, e.g. results of laboratory tests already carried out or medical reports.

As a new service we can offer you an e-mail registration. Just fill out the registration form and save it to your computer. After that, you can send it to us via e-mail.

With many thanks for your kind cooperation,

Dr. med. Petra Wüst