The photos being exhibited in the doctor´s surgery were taken in the khmer temple districts of Angkor (Cambodia) in 1998. The photographer Christian Müller holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics and works in a leading IT-position in a major Swiss bank … beyond that he is an enthusiastic amateur photographer and passionate traveller particularly in Asian countries.

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Causeway of the Giants Causeway of the Giants
The causeway of the giants was build by Jayavarman VII in the course of the fortification of his new capital Angkor Thom in front of it´s southern gate. 54 giants, deities on one side and demons on the other, are churning the Milk Ocean and hence producing amrita, the nectar of immortality, by means of a naga, a snake-like creature, that was used as churning rope. (Photo: 17.09.1998, Angkor Thom)
The Cambodian Smile The Cambodian Smile
The buddist Bodhisattva (= enlightened being) Lokeshvara (= ruler of the world) sends his famous smile from every Bayon tower in the four directions. After the devastating, but victorious, war of the Khmer empire against the Cham he has replaced Vishnu as state god and is said to bear recemblances to king Jayavarman VII. (Photo: 17.09.1998, Bayon)
Vishnu riding Garuda Vishnu riding Garuda
Relief in the Vishnu temple Prasat Kravan. Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation, is sitting on the back of his vahana (= mount), the half-man half-eagle "snake-killer" Garuda. (Photo: 22.09.1998, Prasat Kravan)
Lakshmi Lakshmi
This relief of Lakshmi is also located in Prasat Kravan. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity and wisdom; and the embodiment of beauty and grace. She is also Vishnus shakti, i.e. his female counterpart. (Photo: 22.09.1998, Prasat Kravan)
Vishnus three steps Vishnus three steps
The third relief in the Vishnu temple in Prasat Kravan shows Vishnu in his fifth incarnation outsmarting the virtuous King Bali. Shrunken to a dwarf named Vamana Vishnu has requested three steps of land from Bali for him to live in. Given the promise by the king, Vishnu started to grow … (Photo: 22.09.1998, Prasat Kravan)

Blind Window in the temple of Banteay Srei (= Citadel of Beauty). Angkorean shrines are frequently opened in only one direction, typically to the East. The other three sides featured fake or blind doors to maintain symmetry. Blind windows were often used along otherwise blank walls. (Photo: 18.09.1998, Banteay Srei)